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The View from Caitlyn's Hills by SatsumaLord

The View from Caitlyn's Hills


21 January 2015 at 14:25:01 MST

This is foducool's prize for winning my December Art Raffle over on Patreon (i.e. here ---> ( )).

My Bonnie and his Caitlyn have some "fun in the sun", because despite it being January, it still has to be summer somewhere in the world, right? =p

Also, yes, Bonnie is perched majestically atop (and between) Caitlyn's breasts, because naturally, when you know someone that's 10 feet tall and has mammaries big enough to crush a semi-truck, of course you're going to go up and climb those things; that's just human nature (I know I'd try and do it). :3

Oh and on a side note, thanks foducool for helping out a bit with the posing; not only is your patronage greatly appreciated, but so is your artistic advice. :)

Caitlyn copyright foducool
Bonnie and artwork copyright SatsumaLord