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Adventurer rolls a Seduction Check by SatsumaLord

Adventurer rolls a Seduction Check


2 November 2014 at 11:07:33 MST

A color commission for capoman16.

Not sure what to really say about this particular piece, since as far as I know, the character above (simply known as "The Adventurer") was originally a human hero that found themselves transformed into a rather voluptuously pregnant dragoness, because apparently, ancient magical curses were just like that back then. =p

And as for the decision to show her in lingerie, well, wearing such garments tend to grant a "sexiness" bonus to one's Persuasion Skill when dealing with shopkeepers; and judging by her expression, she'll need every bonus she can get if she intends to successfully get a discount on health potions for her next dungeon crawl. X3

Also, D&D references for the win! Yay! :D

The Adventurer copyright capoman16
artwork copyright SatsumaLord


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    Dat nat 20, tho

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    That persuasion check requires at LEAST a roll of 80 to resist. Maybe higher.