Pirate Booty by SatsumaLord

Pirate Booty


16 January 2014 at 21:54:38 MST

This is Dixie, one of the Pirate Vixens. The Pirate Vixens are a small group of pirates that are unique in the sense that: number 1, the crew is lead by three captains. Number 2, all the captains are women. And number 3, the captains are sisters (triplets specifically). Even though the Pirate Vixen crew is relatively small compared to other pirate and navy crews, they have never lost a man and have never been caught.

Each member of the Pirate Vixen crew wears their pirate seal somewhere on their body. Most have it imprinted on an article of clothing, like Dixie who has it on the seat of her pants. While the rest have it either painted or tattooed somewhere on their body.

The Pirate Vixens themselves are interesting in the fact that even though they all look exactly alike, they each have a feature that makes them easy to differentiate. In this case, Dixie has the largest butt of the Pirate Vixens. She's also the loudest and most reckless of the group but she has also been known to look out for her sisters and the rest of the crew.

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