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Eddy and Liz: A Forest Encounter by SatsumaLord

Eddy and Liz: A Forest Encounter


A full-color commission for oneitvan.

Okay, this backstory might be a bit long, so I'll try to get through this quickly. =p

About a year ago, Eddy initially began his photog career as a landscape/nature photographer, where he would typically take pictures of various locations and specimens across the country as a part of a freelancer photography group; and while he was on a job for a nature publication in a remote forest, he came across a young lady by the name of Elizabeth "Liz" Paisley, a fashion model that was looking to escape for a little while by going out on a hiking trip.

Unfortunately for her though (or maybe actually somewhat fortunately? - as she was lost at the time), she came across Eddy in a clearing, as he was taking pictures of various trees around the area. Initially surprised at first by each other's presence (with Liz falling out of a bush and Eddy nearly blinding her with his camera flash), they soon hit it off and became fast friends.

They even went so far as to share a few meals with each other, as Eddy had packed quite a bit of food with him for his photography job; since in most cases, he'd have to camp out for days on end, just to get the perfect photo.

And as they ate, Liz especially took an interest in Eddy's cooking skills, having never tasted such delicious and hearty meals before in her life; truly, she'd have to learn as many of his cooking secrets as she could, so she could try them herself at home (and likely gain a few pounds in the process, she'd joke).

After a few days though, they'd soon part ways and wouldn't see each other again until sometime next year, after Liz had gone through some rather "big" changes (though that'll be a story for another time). =p

Anyway, I believe that's all for now, but thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy the piece. =3

all characters copyright oneitvan
artwork copyright SatsumaLord

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