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Arcana's Search for Clothes by SatsumaLord

Arcana's Search for Clothes


A full-color commission for Frozenvolf.

Arcana roams about her local clothing store, in an attempt to find something from the maternity section that'll help to cover her seemingly ever-growing pregnant belly. With no such luck however, she starts to move towards the exit, only to have you enter the store and come into her view.

While somewhat embarrassed to have you see her in such a state, with her shirt only barely trying to cover up her prodigious protrusion, she's still (at least somewhat) happy to see a friendly face. So in response, she begins to waddle towards you, while waving gently with one hand, and trying to hoist up her pants with the other.

Needless to say, she's quite the sight to behold, especially while in motion; but as she comes closer to you, you begin to ponder your next move. Do you wait for her or walk towards her? Do you offer a warm smile and a wave back, or do you move in for the comforting hug?

Better make a decision, as she's getting closer. X3

Whatever you decide to go with though, I hope you enjoy the piece. :)

Arcana copyright Frozenvolf
artwork copyright SatsumaLord

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