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Annie's Pregnant Reading by SatsumaLord

Annie's Pregnant Reading


26 June 2019 at 19:30:49 MDT

A piece recommended to me via my Suggestion Box over on Patreon ( ).

As her pregnancy continues on into its seventh month, Annie Kadenski tries to alleviate her concerns over her current situation (i.e. of being a soon-to-be single mom to a veritable sports-team's worth of kids) by reading a book recommended to her by her parents.

Well, actually, it was recommended to her by her mother; her father just kinda stood in the background and nodded in agreement.

Anyway though, Annie read the book and thought it was just okay; it was mostly just a collection of stories, chronicling the writer's second pregnancy, with a lot of self-help and self-care tips peppered throughout the text. The only truly impressive thing about it all was the fact that the writer herself was pregnant with 181 babies, all at the same time.

Weirdly enough, reading that book helped Annie to feel at least a little bit better about her own pregnancy. After all, if the writer could go through carrying around so many kids herself, then surely Annie could get through her own pregnancy just fine. =3

all characters and artwork copyright SatsumaLord

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