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Tara and the Wet Joke by SatsumaLord

Tara and the Wet Joke


A color commission for an anonymous user.

While getting things ready for the morning rush of weekend grocery shoppers, Tara the pregnant skunkette finds herself somewhat dampened by the contents of a random gallon jug of water - specifically from one of the higher shelves above her (most likely the comedic stylings of one of her idiot coworkers no doubt).

And although she wasn't technically hurt by the sloppy display of a practical joke, needless to say, she didn't consider the punchline to be particularly funny. After all, it was bad enough that she was having trouble finding clothes that'd fit her rounded frame, now she had to spend all morning being a wet mess too?

Talk about having your bad days at work. =p

Anyway, enjoy! :D

Special Note - Although Tara wasn't technically of my own creation, for all extensive purposes, she is now classified as my character and thus my property. The original creator/commissioner has given me their blessing to use the character as I see fit, though don't expect for her to become a part of my main cast or even as a recurring character in my work (unless I'm commissioned to draw her more in the future, in which case, she'll be drawn again as often as I'm commissioned to do so).

Tara and artwork copyright SatsumaLord

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