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Tonia and Torrie: Sizeable Sisters by SatsumaLord

Tonia and Torrie: Sizeable Sisters


A fanart sketch for NewStuff4U.

I kinda wanted to do a bit more with varied body shapes interacting (especially with regards to pregnancy), and NewStuff4U's own Tonia and Torrie seemed like good characters to play around with, what with Torrie's massive bosom and Tonia's luscious pear-shape (though I wonder if I may have gone a bit too far with their figures). ^_^;

Anyway, the two sisters are in the process of getting ready for their respective days, with Torrie commenting on Tonia's rather mishable shape. Needless to say, Tonia doesn't seem too happy about her sister's observation; especially when Torrie herself has some pretty sizeable shapes on her too.

Regardless though, I hope you all enjoy it. =3

all characters copyright NewStuff4U
artwork copyright SatsumaLord