Hugo and Rita (Jungledyret Hugo) by Sarsis

Hugo and Rita (Jungledyret Hugo)


26 October 2014 at 07:54:33 MDT

I was introduced to Jungledyret Hugo (a Danish animation) recently and watched about all of it that I could find. It was charming and heart-warming, and the characters, Rita and Hugo, were freaking adorable. So, I had to give drawing them a try. I felt that a little lighthearted, sweet and innocent fun with these two was warranted, as I did not see a lot of high-quality fan art that was appropriate to the canon personalities of the characters.

Brief explanation: Hugo is a very rare jungle animal that gets caught and brought to the city, where he meets a streetwise city girl fox-kit named Rita. He escapes and they adventure together a while. It's playful, bouncy, and sweet.

Anyway, the art is done on Paint Tool SAI. I had several screen-caps of the characters playing together up on my other monitor to get the art-style pretty close to the original, but my own style does bleed through a bit, where I took some liberties with the quality of their fur and the like. I got carried away with the jungle background though, I had so much fun drawing it that I fear it mutes the characters who are supposed to be the stars. I tried a few new techniques in the process of this image with the foliage, masking layers, opacity settings and highlights and shading. It was a lot of fun to draw, and over the course of about three days, took about four hours to draw. :3

The characters are © the creators of Jungledyret Hugo. The jungle was done in my own style, which seems to still match the characters. :3

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