Thanks for dropping by!

Although I don't see myself as someone who'll be regularly posting anything, I love to write and a lot of other stuff, so I guess I might post something random once in a while? Hope you enjoy your time here nonetheless, regardless of how much, or what I end up posting.

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Since you might as well are here, here's some fun tidbits about me:

1) I was born in Singapore City, and raised in NYC, and hope someday to live in Montana or a costal place, or an island.

2) I love many things: cars, aircraft (definitely an avgeek), guns, gardening (chooses to only grow fruits, and vegetables), fishing, travel, sea-life/seashells, fish-keeping, bird-keeping (especially parrots), reptile-keeping, reading, writing, thinking, and swimming

3) I am a non-denominational Christian

4) My most favourite jet aircraft is either the Lockheed L-1011 Tristar (turbofan jet) or the De Havilland Comet (turbojet jet)

5) My most favourite turboprop propeller aircraft is either the Vickers Viscount, its successor the Vickers Vanguard, the Bristol Britannia or the Lockheed L-188 Electra

6) My most favourite piston propeller aircraft is either the Douglas DC-3, the entire family of Lockheed Constellation aircraft (L-049 Constellation, L-1049 Super Constellation, and L-1649 Starliner), the Douglas DC-7, or the Boeing 314 Clipper

7) My most favourite car is the 1956 Chevrolet Bel-Air

8) My most favourite aero warrior is either the Plymouth Superbird, or the Ford Talladega

9) My most favourite euro hyper-car is the Lamborghini Miura, or the Maserati Khamsin

10) Books I recommend include "Dinner at the Homesick Restaurant" by Anne Tyler, "The Power of One" by Bryce Courtenay, or "The Interpreter of Maladies" by Jhumpa Lahiri for those who like short stories

11) My most favourite parrot probably is the Regent Parrot (Polytelis anthopeplus) or the Turquoise Grass Parakeet (Neophema pulchellus)

12) My most favourite fish is the Vermiculate Wrasse (Macropharygodon bipartitus bipartitus)

13) My most favourite mollusk is probably either the Conchs, or the Cowries

14) My most favourite reptile is probably the green anole (Anolis carolinensis)

15) I think I have a hyperactive creative mind, so I'm usually an idea factory

16) I love mental exercises, hence thinking, as well as solving brainteasers

17) I'm incredibly friendly, so chances are you'll effortlessly become my friend if you want to

18) I really dunno why I didn't register as a user earlier than I actually did

19) I am a registered user on The Aquarium Wiki, where I am a significant contributor - my username on there is Chromis

20) I'm not a streamer, but you can check out my Mixer page

21) I am a registered member of The People's Cube; my username there is The People's Anthony Sullivan - unfortunately, you need to be logged in to a registered account there to see my profile, even though there's nothing on it

22) I may or may not have gotten carried away writing these tidbits; I'm truly most INCREDIBLY (not) sorry you had to read all of this

23) I'm not a social media type of person, so don't expect to find anything like that from me

24) Why are you reading this line? this isn't even a tidbit, let alone a fun one!!

One more thing - my internet friends, some of which I am blessed to be bros with; the following is said friends that are on this site:

Contains: bros <---- (This was styled off them allergen warnings on food labels)

1) mantridbrizon Mantrid Brizon

2) AndrewShannon Andrew Shannon

Check them out!

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Well, this looks like a dandy way to vent whatever's on my mind, so... yeah. Looks like you guys will get to enjoy these journals as much as my occasional, and irregular uploads. I do hope you enjoy these journals as much as my said irregular, and occasional uploads, when I do upload at all...

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    I love how after reading your whole page, your last line and the third to last are trolling me. xD