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⌐A collaborative universe by¬
Jubilations and Toulouse

Music by Korozjin and storyboards by Ludo
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| In a Heartbeat + Beyond the Veil |

IAHB: A universe mixed with mob wars, crime, dancing and the long awaited return of magic that has long since been extinct.

BTV: Sararos cyber tech middle ages. Magic, gods and demons still are heavily present.

((( species in sararos are closed and used for our personal use )))


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Welcome to Sararos

on 6 August 2016 at 09:57:59 MDT

Hello welcome to Sararos!
This is our first journal here, and we wanted to finally speak about what this project is about a little!

Sararos is a universe that contains 3 different timelines between past, present and future. Our current focus is the present timeline 'In a Heartbeat' but we do have a lot of 'Beyond the Veil' art floating around.

In a Heartbeat is a thriller/gangster/comedy hybrid story being fully written before its release as a motion web comic. (we've been working on the script and story for about a year now its getting close) It will have a full album of music, some animatics and the design is set to look like storyboards. It is a mature comic containing very strong language and violence as a warning.

We plan on turning more attention to Sararos in the future and creating a patreon to help fund this project. Its a heavy desire of ours to bring this comic to life we have been dedicating MANY hours into this, so its not going away or dying any time soon.

With our little team we hope you enjoy what we have done so far even though its just a little taste of what we have. We are very excited to share this with you!

Toulouse & Jubilations

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    Ridiculously nice work guys, keep it up!