Zapo Creature Adoptables by Sapphirus

Zapo Creature Adoptables


27 May 2013 at 02:29:52 MDT

Zapoes, electrical creatures on sale as adoptables. They're Fennec Fox/dragons hybrids that levitate by traveling through the speed of sound from their energy, so they don't need legs, though they only have claws. Known to be aggressive and territorial in the wild, if you manage to tame one, you'll save a lot of cash on your electric bill because their little guys are always full of energy.

They love to be outside during electrical storms.

> Each are 5$ each/500 DA points, only makings/fur, other color edits, no lineart redos or anything.

> When bought, make sure to give me credit on where you post it at.

> Do not steal, or repost on other sites unless you paid for one of these.

> I'll make custom ones if you want, optional choice.

> Upon purchase you get non watermark version/full pic of the adoptable

1: Stripe: Open (Top left)

2: Aquanic: Open (Top Right)

3: IceCream: Open (Bottom left)

4: Blonde: Open (Bottom Right)

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    Are these still open?

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      Yup ^^

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      Need to redraw it though since I rebooted my laptop and didnt save the file, what design you want?

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      Are you still interested in any of these designs? You haven't back responded yet. >.>