Alchemist Male Solgaleo +Design+ (SOLD) by Sapphirus

Alchemist Male Solgaleo +Design+ (SOLD)


13 August 2017 at 09:55:59 MDT

•Design/Artwork © Sapphirus (me)

SOLD TO Saiyanmother on FA
The first suggestion was a female Alchemist Solgaleo, Solgaleo's concept in general was made a male/masculinity look, and trying to make that female made me feel uneasy because no matter what I try, it still looks manly in some way, decided to make the female back to full male. It's easier to make a Lunala, generally female to a male, than a Solgaleo to a female lol...

Also, im pretty sure ppl wouldn't buy a female Solgaleo adopt for some reason. ><