Litten Fever +WIP+ by Sapphirus

Litten Fever +WIP+


27 May 2016 at 12:27:39 MDT

Note: Sapphirus in an OOC mode wears a Dialga head helmet, show off him being her favorite pokemon in general. I usually prefer legends over normal pokemon because they're cooler, especially the dragon or dragon looking legendaries. Lugia would be included but I was too lazy to add him.

As some ppl know already, im gonna end up getting a Litten because it's the coolest and cutest starter imo from the others, Rowlet would be 2nd. Sapphirus is holding him like she holds cats in genera. Sapphirus (the Dialga) is puzzled of his master's choice in new pokemon, which isn't a legendary. She will be adding Lunaala to the team soon as her fav Gen7 legend.

Axel is a flame nut so looking at Litten being a fire cat makes him excited and wanna consume it, Sapphire (Kyogre) knows already that Litten wont like him because he's all about water.