Goddess Playing with the elements +Sapphirus+ by Sapphirus

Goddess Playing with the elements +Sapphirus+


28 April 2016 at 02:27:04 MDT

Yes, I know, I posted Sapphirus too much of this pic but this time it's shaded fully. As usual my BG creativity sucks LOL, was trying to add all elemental attributes Sapphirus is creating in the BG, according to the colorful gems she has, while hovering over wind power like a show off, even though she's a levitation type, with showy-offy wings she can make dissapear or re-appear at will, pfft. I love wings, she loves wings, and things with wings, so she has wings. xD

Kinda an improved version of this in a way http://www.furaffinity.net/view/15469385/

Love my persona <3 * creepy kissie face* >>

Red = Fire
Orange= Earth
Yellow = Electricity
Green = Nature
Ocean green = Wind
Blue = Water
Cyan = Ice
Magenta= Venom
Indigo = Mind
Black = Dark
White = Holy