Sapphirus Reference 2016 (Version 2) by Sapphirus

Sapphirus Reference 2016 (Version 2)


24 April 2016 at 19:22:26 MDT

Sapphirus's Orgins:

Much happier at this!

Imagined in 1997, drawn in 1998, my character has developed a LOT since then and been with me most of my life. From a single Goddess, to a queen, then to a double-divine goddess. I decided to draw Sapphirus again using my Intuos tablet and im really satisfied how she came out. I decided to update her reference from this one which was bugging me a lot.

She's who I would want to be, she's like my "fantasy/made up self". Proud of her, and she has "NO" weakness, yes, I said it, and I mean it. I'm an ex-Rper so she's full OOC/me, so I'd never want harm, or death to come upon her, she's too special to me and im gonna always keep it like that. She has been through a lot of crap with me, ppl trying to make me change her like they want, but I always refused. Don't like it? She's a Mary Sue now? So be it, my character, not yours.. =)

Sapphirus Art/Character by me, you DON'T GOT permission to use/claim her as your own. Thanks.