Can you feel the Sunshine? +Late april fools pic+ by Sapphirus

Can you feel the Sunshine? +Late april fools pic+


3 April 2016 at 19:35:52 MDT

This was suppose to be a joke for April fools, didnt color it on time. To make a long story short.
Since Logic doesn't exist in Pokemon' screw it.

1: Sapphirus (me) owns shiny legends, but she's ironically surfing on Kyogre (Named Sapphire), while riding on her Dialga ontop of him (Named Sapphirus like herself? LOL).
2: It's raining from Primal Kyogre's ability and Dialga sings hated Sonic R songs about sunshine...
3: How the hell is Dialga not sinking everyone when he's 1.5k pounds...heavier than Primal Kyogre....
4: Since When can Dialgas sing.....
5: Angry Kyorgre is angy, he hates singing....and he's having a grouchy day, Dialga's not making it better.
6: Sapphirus is bonding with them both so they get along.
7: I look at Dialga and Kyogre as males so I have them male in the image, I dont believe in genderless legendaries, it's stupid.
8: Sapphirus (Owner) is a Dragon/Elemental Diety so she can easily speak pokemon's language, especially Dialga's.