Protecting the little princes +Pokemon+ by Sapphirus

Protecting the little princes +Pokemon+


24 March 2016 at 00:03:33 MDT

Slightly inspired by this.

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Before they became a pain in Lugia's side.....

I found it kinda ironic how Lugia is "Beast of the sea" but didn't get the legendary 3 Johto beasts as being the guardian over, instead of the 3 king birds, which would've been better with Ho-oh. Pokemon swapping roles in ironic ways , bleh. But I thought of the idea of Lugia raising the 3 kings when they were hatchings.

I'm glad "Logic" doesn't matter in Pokemon, or else you'd be wondering how these legends can sleep by one another without zapping, freezing, burning etc eachother. No logic is actually fun LOL, but hey, you seen a trainer ride a Ponyta/Rapidash without being burned due to trust, you seen Ashs's Swellow absorb an electrical attack in the anime while in a gym leader battle, so yeah. >.>

Moltres loves Lugia a lot, much hugs... xD