Runner's Bond +Pokemon+ by Sapphirus

Runner's Bond +Pokemon+


4 January 2016 at 09:23:59 MST

Note 1: Yes, I know legends dont breed in the game but so what, it's dumb to be honest lol.

Note 2: These pokemon get called "Dogs" a lot on the net, I mean come on, I hear it a lot. Suicune is the most canine looking, in my opinion, Raikou's based off a tiger and Entei a Lion. But to make things more logical "Beasts" helps put together things together when you have a species debate. xD

I took more time to work on fading away lineart a bit more in the pic, work in some spots, I still battle to blend it with the right areas sometimes.

Was playing SoulSilver again and running around for these two again. I personally like Raikou's battle theme of all, Entei's is like a serious/weirded version of a theme. Raikou likes to troll me and when it's in the area you're in it sends you noob pokemon in the bushes instead of him sometimes. Entei comes straight foward, and be like "Here, listen to Raikou's crappier song version instead from me" LOL.

In this pic though, it's a female Raikou and Male Entei, I personally dont believe in genderless legendaries unless it's robotic, I look at Arceus as both. These two are resting, they are protecting eggs belonging to them. Still though, its weird when mammalic looking creatures lay eggs in pokemon. ><