Kitteh Love +WIP+ by Sapphirus

Kitteh Love +WIP+


2 January 2016 at 19:09:48 MST

Note: These pokemon shouldn't be considered "Dogs" I mean come on, its a Tiger and Lion, well Entei can be a possible shaggy dog at most but he roars like a lion so yeah. Suicune is the only canine looking one. So I call these Kitties.

Told you I was gonna make a more serious pic. Last one was a comic giggle for the time. Playing SoulSilver again and running around for these two again. I personally like Raikou's theme of all, Entei's is like a serious/weirded version of a theme. Raikou likes ot troll me and when it's in the area you're in it sends you noob pokemon in the bushes instead of him sometimes. Entei comes straight foward, and be like "Here, listed to it's crappy song instead of my cool one" LOL.

In this pic though, it's a female Raikou and Male Entei, I personally dont believe in genderless legendaries unless it's robotic, I look at Arceus as both. These two are resting from the unnecessary running they give to you in the game. So yeah, will color this fully soon. xD

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