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Elemental Day Confessions by Sapphirus

Elemental Day Confessions


11 August 2015 at 14:29:39 MDT

The Land of dragons was a place of dominance and tight nit community. Which was lead by a shiny Charizard named Mild. He was a very experienced fighter, leader and had earned a special flame beard to prove his dominance in his territory which wasn't seen on any other Charizard but him, which would make him one-of-kind pokemon besides being a shiny. Humans weren't allowed in his lands and the other dragonkind pokemon would make sure of that rule staying law also.

Every year the dragon pokemon would come all over the regions to celebrate "Elemental" day, which all the dragon pokemon were painted in the main colors of the elements most dragon could learn, Fire, Ice/water, dragon and electric. Mild wasn't able to use ice or water moves but that didn't stop him, his mega stones made up for his true powers, being able to go Mega X or Y.

He always had his eye on his hatchling-hood friend Rouge, a shiny dragonite that all tried to be mates with but her Sassy and temperamental personality made it difficult. She was independent and was powerful in battle. They did everything together small and still did now. Mild, even as a dominant leader struggled to confess his love for her every year. he decided this time, he's gonna tell, which he actually did. To his surprise, she didn't turn him down but instead, gave him a dragon kiss, which was breathing fire on the nose of the other.

The became mates and she was then 2nd in charge of the lands of dragons.