Mother of Dragons +Sapphirus+ by Sapphirus

Mother of Dragons +Sapphirus+


19 June 2015 at 02:52:31 MDT

Side note: (Title was inspired by looking at a GOT clip. I never watched any episodes of GOTs til I was showing a character named Khaleesi, and instantly loved her character and her power to command dragons.)

Also, I took longer on this than I should, I been super lazy finishing it, + some commissions inbetween)

So, Sapphirus being the Goddess of Dragons and Elements, of course is capable of creating dragons, eastern, western, all types in her imagination. Any creature she creates will be a mix of dragon or a full dragon.

I personally love Eastern dragons, so I had my Persona creating/cradling one also. The dragons are created from her energy as in her elemental power, each dragon she creates is born with their own special element, she rarely gives them two. One in her arms is Nature/Electric mixed, an odd mix indeed. Sapphirs cherishes all dragons, big and small and treats them like her children.