Tip of the day: Just go for it! by Sapphire Crook (critique requested)

Tip of the day: Just go for it! (critique requested)

Sapphire Crook

4 August 2015 at 13:17:18 MDT

Don't forget; I'm open to requests and suggestions! :D And commissions, if you're generous.

After seeing

I just had to draw a chibi using those colours.
I love the result.
Such a sneaky lil guy! Can you trust him? He is wearing a skirt and a neckerchief, who knows what he's hiding!
Not to mention those paws... nothing but trouble!

The nice:

  • It looks super cute
  • The folds came out A+
  • The colours were applied well

The naughty:

  • Left arm is weird
  • Right arm looks stiff
  • His head is still iffy and elongated in strange way