You know, I have work right now! by Sapphire Crook (critique requested)

You know, I have work right now! (critique requested)

Sapphire Crook

4 August 2015 at 08:29:21 MDT


Someone's saying things to this little crow boy! And he's trying to pass off the attempt with strawmen about work! Come on, girl, secretary business isn't all these is!
Honestly, would've worked better if I cropped it.
Why didn't I?
Blacksmith's secret.

Also, that's supposed to be a tablet. I wanted to draw little icons, but I don't have any smart device so I have no idea what they'd even look like.
Could've at least TRIED to put some of those dumb metro-tiles down.


  • The background isn't terrible.
  • The head looks cute!
  • Hey, ya tried, it looks alright, but geeze crop the image next time.


  • Proportions.
  • The proportions! (the character)
  • The proportions... (background)
  • The arm/torso connection.
  • The background is too big for what it needs to be. Maybe crop it next time? DUUUH.