Osuros by SaphireShear



15 March 2019 at 13:05:59 MDT

Wassup and would you just look at this dude! This Dude right flippin here! This BAMF right here! MMMmm MMmm Goodness, just look at this dergen and all that he has and showing off!

But yeah, this was a commission from @Uruboros of his main dragon Osuros!

The neato Burrito part of this commission, is I got to try out, experiment and master all the brushes I downloaded for Clip studio paint! And boy oh boy, does it make a difference! I can't wait to provide more detailed and awesome works like this to you my wonderful followers! But I loved every second of working on this and thank you all for being so patient! Because of your patience I was able to improve and master some new stuff to make even more art, and at higher detail and quality!
But that's sorta it for now, but I will keep you guys posted with more awesome stuff to come! Stay tuned for I got some neat stuff coming up tomorrow to post and share that I am currently working on!