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HQ Fullbody Comissions OPEN by sannamy

HQ Fullbody Comissions OPEN


They include:
-Semirealistic Drawing, with full color and realistic shadding.
-Painted Background adds +10$/20$ depending on complexiy
-Simple BG, Name, or amplied duplication as Bg, No cost.
-Alternative versions are posible for a little extra (usualy +10$, but depends on complexity) (with/without clothes, NSFW versions, with weapons, diferent expresión or color, diferent weapons or acesories)
-Complex characters or complex props adds to the price (like wings, complex limbs, extra limbs, too much/complex weapons...)
-"Greysaled" Fullodies have a -10$ disccount (no color, but still with shadding).
-Any species (even humans, ferals and monsters)
-Almost Any theme (SFW, NSFW, fantasy, everyday, cute, SciFi, pinup, babyfur, action, horror, gore, SuperHero, FanArt, DiaperFur, Bondage, Femboy, Tomboy, crossdressing, videogame, character design, hipnosis, nudes, androids... feel free to ask)

Remember the spots are limited, Feel free to ask if there is space or any question you may have here or in my FA page: .

40$ is the base price, but you're free to pay more. THe bigger the amount, the more details and time sannamy will put on the piece (adding more texture, details, definition)

Right now I'm on the ZONE... So comissions are being made quickly but with the same quality of always.