Agaric the Mouse-Lizard (REF) by SandScales

Agaric the Mouse-Lizard (REF)


19 July 2018 at 17:53:47 MDT

I've given this little cute a bit of a touch-up from his original design, and finally settled on a name! <3 Agaric is a mouse-lizard, and although he is warm-blooded, he can't withstand extreme temperatures. The poor little dear will hibernate when too cold, or burrow when it's too hot. He's mostly crepuscular in nature. I use male pronouns for him, but he is more androgynous. He has fur and scales on his body, and the end of his tail is covered in leaves. He's only about the size of a house cat, and likes to tie ribbons on his antlers. They are made of wood, but are still a part of his body. Any kind of mushroom can grow from them in any amount. Curious and cautious, but not shy. He has no magical powers, so he uses basic tools and has created simple clothing to keep himself warm.

The original design for Argaric was given to me by Kyldrun on DA through the Creature-Exchange! See it here, then go check out their other amazing work:

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