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Table of Contents........

........................ Differences in and Invoices
Communication, Progress, and Alterations
........................ Contacts
........................ Telegram Stickers
........................ Avatars/Icons


I reserve the right to decline any request for any reason.

I require visual reference material of your character(s) of some kind before beginning work. All images must be clear, and it must be an accurate representation of your character. I will accept supplemental material only up front before work, and it must only be minor changes and/or additions to the character(s).

I will not draw NSFW, fetish material, or heavy gore.

I refuse to draw anything containing hateful/discriminatory material.

I retain all rights to commissioned work, including reproduction and distribution rights. I do not claim ownership to any characters or IP drawn on commission.

Prices may be subject to change based on complexity or time spent.

Prices and policies may be subject to change based on lessons learned as I grow as an artist as well.


When you get a completed digital work, it will be working-size and unwatermarked.
A low-res may also be provided for reposting purposes. I can resize or crop it if you need me to. I am unable to make layouts or webpages, but you may get some one else to or do so yourself as long as proper credit is given.

Traditional may be sent through the mail and will be signed on the back.
Shipping costs may occur if they happen.

Non-commercial, personal use only.
I should not have to worry about people reselling my work, seeing it on TV or other places where people will make money off it without my permission.
You may use it as icons, layouts, banners, etc.

You may repost your commission as long as you link to an account of mine on the same site. If I do not host my art on your chosen site, please link to one of my FA or DA accounts.
You are only allowed to repost the low-res watermarked version. If you wish to repost anything to Tumblr, please ask! I may already have it posted to mine, so you can reblog instead.
You may re-upload Telegram Stickers to your own pack, but keep the original pack so that I may alter or add stickers to it.

Please do not purposefully alter your commission as to remove my watermark.


Paypal invoice (preferred),, or DA Points (when available).
I will invoice you what is owed after negotiations are confirmed, or send you my link. It is important you pay ASAP when paying through this link, as I do not keep it open indefinitely. If you wish to tip after the commission is complete, please ask for the link to be reopened. Please do not share this link with any one unless you are given direct permission from me. I will not accept additional commissions from you or anyone else while it is active unless it has been agreed upon.
Work will begin on payment, or as soon as is possible.

Payment preferred up front if $20 USD or lower.

If over $20 USD, I will accept 50% up front, the rest upon sketch.

Payment may also be done in installments by levels.
Sketch price up front. If you want lines, then the difference must be paid up front. This can continue up to colours, shading, and backgrounds.

Prices shown are the base price.
These may be negotiable based on size and detail.
If I do not accept a price change, please do not try to haggle.

If you would like to cancel, notify me ASAP.
If I am unable to complete your work, I will notify you ASAP.

If I have not started the work, you will receive a full refund.
If I have started work, you will receive what is completed and pay up to that level.

If I cancel, you will receive a full refund regardless of how much work is done.
I will notify you ASAP if I intend to cancel, and will discuss alternatives if you prefer.

I will not refund if the work has been completed.

If you are unable to pay until a later date, I am willing to put the work on hold until you are able.

Payment options may be altered based on current deals.
All payment is in USD unless stated otherwise.

Differences in and Invoices:

I have been using a mix of these two lately. I would like to highlight the difference in these here, as both have their own uses.

  • It's quick and easy. All you have to do is type in the amount you want to pay, and it will send you through a quick process to sending your payment. Payment is received instantly, and can also be refunded.
  • Here is a link to PayPal's FAQ page for this feature: FAQ


  • Invoices can take a moment for me to fill out, but can be a much safer way to pay for you, as they are not instant payment like
  • An invoice can provide a breakdown of what has been commissioned, itemizing the cost of the commission.
  • It's much more useful when tracking what some one has paid for, as names are often different on PayPal then the other sites we use.
  • You don't have to pay an invoice in full and upfront unless it requires you to. Payments may be made on it, but only in accordance to my TOS.
  • You may have to reply to an email as to whether your purchase has been "shipped". This does not mean it has been physically shipped, but that the service I provide has been carried out.
  • For questions on how to pay an invoice, please see PayPal's article on it here: How do I pay for a payment request or invoice?.


I will respond promptly and to the best of my ability to any questions or concerns you may have.
However, art is not my primary job. Please understand, if I am delayed in responding, this may mean I am at work, asleep, or just unable to answer in general. I will respond as soon as I am able.

I will inform you if I am delayed on my side.
That also means I expect you to inform me if your payment will be delayed.

I will require an accurate visual reference for any art created.
Literary references are allowed, but they must NOT be you're only or primary form of reference! They are best for figuring out proper emotions, but I may have trouble if they are meant for completing a visual reference.

Any full-body commission will receive a sketch for approval.
For hard-lined or cleaned sketches, a quick-sketch will be provided for approval. Thumbnails and/or pose sketches may also be provided for approval.

I may not always be able to get progress shots after the sketch, but will do my best to do so. Progress shots may be limited to low-res preview images.

At rough sketch or below, major alterations may be requested. I will not, however, redraw a rough sketch more than 3 times.

Traditional work may not be able to take alterations after the soft-line sketch, especially after inking and/or colouring.

Digital work will be a case-by-case basis after the clean sketch.
I will allow for “minor” changes.

Within 2 weeks after commission completion, I will allow for 2 “minor” changes.
Most alterations are allowed for anatomical or design flaws, any further or major editing may cost extra.


deviantART-SandScales - This is one of the best places to contact me! Send me a note. I check this site almost daily.
Fur-Affinity-SandScales - I do not check this site near as often. If it is the only site you use, you may be waiting for a bit before I have a chance to get in contact with you! But once contact has been made, I will be more available for that duration.
Twitter - @SandScales - Also a great place to contact me! However, beware following me here, as I retweet things others may find offensive along with my art occasionally.
Weasyl - SandScales - Please do not contact me here. While I do have an account, I rarely use this site due to time.
Telegram - @OrangeLeafSpirit - I check this daily, it is absolutely the best way to get in contact with me. However, please do not use this as an excuse to just chat with me! I will delete chats from my Telegram after the commission is completed to save space on my devices. Please understand, if I am delayed in responding, this may mean I am at work, asleep, or just unable to answer in general. I will respond as soon as I am able.
Please do not contact me with the intent to chat, nor for asking art advice! I can be very socially awkward, and so am often not sure to handle these. As far as art advice goes, there isn't anything I can give that hasn't been said before. All I have learned has been gained through looking at tutorials and practicing!

While I can come across as very personal when giving updates to delays or the time I will be away, this is because I prefer to be upfront and honest with why things are being delayed! It should by no means be seen as me trying to make friends. If you would like to try to be friends, it is often better to be upfront about it, as I react to a "Hey, let's be friends!" much better then continuously messaging me, which can easily put me off and comes across strangely to me.


You may be charged for additional characters in a single image.
The charge for characters is negotiable after 3 additional characters.

I still have a considerable amount of weaknesses, so some things such as scenery, humanoids, and robotics take a little longer to draw.
This is because I put in extra effort to sketch, practice, and research what I have been commissioned to draw!

I will do fanart, but it may be limited to what I know/am interested in.
Please be aware it may not look good in my style, or that I might not be able to translate the source style well enough to my own.

Telegram Stickers

I currently offer two styles:

I will not draw NSFW stickers.
While I may draw fulld-body, waist-up, and headshot stickers,** I do not offer a choice between them** when you commission a sticker. This is because a sticker's emotion or message may be better read as waist-up or headshot then if it were full-body, or vice-versa.
I try not to copy my own stickers, and I prefer not to copy others', either. If you tell me you want your sticker "something like this sticker [insert sticker]", I will do my best to give you your own unique sticker.
If I do enough stickers, then I may use my own stickers' sketches as templates in the future. This may make some stickers I make very similar, but I hope to still be able to keep a uniqueness to each sticker this way.
I start work on each sticker on a 1024x1024 pixel canvas. Stickers at original size may be smaller then this, but never bigger. When I resize for Telegram, I use a minimal buffer of transparent space between the longest edges of the sticker. This can result in inconsistency of size in some stickers within a set. Some of my stickers, such as the "beardie burrito", "angry pancake", and "flapjack stack" in the Happy Beardies Pack, were specifically made to be identical sizes.
When a pack is complete, I will upload it to Telegram as its own pack with my personal sticker, and give you the link to add your stickers.
I will upload a preview of each pack on my sites. Please let me know if you wish to delay my uploading for a special reason, or if you do not wish for me to add the link to my upload of the pack to the submission.
I can provide a .PSD of the entire pack, as well as resized .PNGs of each sticker. You may upload these to your own pack.
You may print your stickers as real stickers, however, you may not use them outside of non-commercial, personal use.
I offer sketch previews for these. I may offer different poses for the same sticker, depending on my inspiration for it, that you may choose between. You may request multiple of these to be turned into a finished sticker for the current price.


I will require an expression, personality, or face-centered action when making avatars.
I will require at least a background color. I can do simple patterns and painterly color gradients as well.
If neither of the above are provided, I will have to work off of what is given as reference material.
I offer sketch previews for these. I may offer different views for the same icon, depending on my inspiration for it, that you may choose between. You may request multiple of these to be turned into a finished icon for the current price.
I may also offer different backgrounds, depending on my inspiration for them. I will release up to two for you at no additional charge, due to the simplicity of the backgrounds I offer.


If you read all this and you're still unsure, just ask and I'll do my best to get you an answer.

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from $ 14.00
to $ 20.00
from $ 7.00
to $ 13.00
add  +1 Character
from $ 7.00
to $ 13.00

Telegram Stickers

Telegram Sticker (Single)
$ 10.00
add  TG Stickers-- set of 10
$ 100.00
add  TG Stickers-- set of 5
$ 50.00


Prices are ranged as Bust, Torso and Full-body. Prices are subject to change based on complexity.


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