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on 1 December 2017 at 12:49:51 MST

Hello, I'm here with a super important update on commissions and commission prices!


Icon Process: I will no longer be making a clean separate line-art on my icons. Instead, I will use the cleaned sketch instead. The reason for this is that, in my process, I make a very clean sketch to draw line-art over. But when I do that, I feel like a lot of the fluidity becomes lost, and the lines become stiff. I am hoping that in eliminating the line-art I can keep a lot of the smoothness from the sketch. This will also hopefully cut down on time spent creating icons, as I will not have to have a second step for clients to approve. I often have clients approve the sketch, then I create the line-art and have them approve that as well. Without line-art to worry about, I can jump straight from the sketch to coloring and shading. I have already done some personal icons like this, but I will upload sketches from some previous icons as well to preview the cleanness of those.

YCH Icons: I will be offering YCH icons with a Holiday theme! There will be two YCH, one for single characters and one for two characters. These are Gingerbread Massacre and Tinsel-Tied. However, these will be a bit more expensive then my normal icons currently are due to my prices going up beginning next year. Gingerbread Massacre will be 12$ USD and is a single-character icon. Tinsel-Tied will be 25$ USD and is a two-character icon. I will post both of these on December 1st, but I will only take 3 slots of each, making 6 slots total. I am going to try to make a few examples for them using other animal body types as well, since I currently only have them drawn using my fursona's body shapes.

Sketch and Sticker Commissions: I will be reopening for sketch and Telegram sticker commissions! However, I will only have one slot open a week for each of these. That means one slot a week for stickers, and one slot a week for sketches. I will allow a single sticker slot to go up to 5 stickers for 35$ USD, or you can get 3 stickers for 20$ USD.

BEGINNING 2018: ALL PRICES WILL BE GOING UP. I will post the new prices at the beginning of the year.

I originally started out with my prices so low because I NEEDED practice with my process in general, as well as knowing how long it took me to do my work and where my weaknesses were. I feel I have come a good ways from where I started, but one thing has been certain: The amount of time and effort I put into a commission has not been reflected well at all in its pricing. I'm at guilt for that for sure. I chose to sell for a small amount because I felt I needed to gain the community's trust, and, to me, selling for cheap meant that if someone didn't end up liking my work, or if I took a bit longer then needed to finish a commission, then at least they wouldn't be out too much for my failing, and I wouldn't feel so much guilt for them wasting so much on me.

But it's about to be a new year, and I need to at least try to get more serious with this. So, starting 2018, all my prices will be going up, from icons on up to sketches. I will also be changing how I charge for for certain things within certain commissions as well, such as my stickers: they will be tiered similar to my sketch commissions. Due to this, it may be a while before I offer them with a quantity-based discount like I used to. Icons will have additional charges based on complexity, such as the addition of hands or wings being visible, if a character has a very complex design, of if there is extra clothing or jewelry. A two-character icon will have an additional charge on top of any complexity charges.

YCHs: I want to try to get into YCH commissions a little, at least for icons and head sketches. I am considering doing this for stickers as well, though they will likely have an additional charge for complex designs. Some of these will be species-specific, too, especially since I want to try to make more scalie-related content. I will be offering these at a lower price, allowing people to get my art at a discount if they are seeking that.

Thank you for sticking around, and a huge thank you to everyone who has commissioned and liked my art! I've had so many wonderful clients, and I'm hoping to keep going on into 2018!

I've set up a Ko-fi page for anyone that would like to support my art outside of commissions! Thank you for all your support!

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from $ 14.00
to $ 20.00
from $ 7.00
to $ 13.00
add  +1 Character
from $ 7.00
to $ 13.00

Telegram Stickers

Telegram Sticker (Single)
$ 10.00
add  TG Stickers-- set of 10
$ 100.00
add  TG Stickers-- set of 5
$ 50.00


Prices are ranged as Bust, Torso and Full-body. Prices are subject to change based on complexity.


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