Sky ♦ 20 ♦ Gender-fluid (any pronouns) ♦ Panromantic/grey-asexual

2016 Events

♦ York City Furbowls (definite!)
♦ Some NOVA furbowls (definite!)
♦ Anthrocon 2016 (definite!)
♦ FurAffinity: United 2016 (definite!)
♦ Mid-Atlantic Regional Furmeet 2016
♦ Furpocalypse 2016 (maybe)
♦ Midwest Furfest 2016 (unlikely)
♦ New Years Furry Ball 2016 color=green[/color][/center]

Past Events

♦ York City Furbowl 2 ,3 , 4 , 5 , 6 , 7 , 8, 9
♦ NOVA furbowl 10
♦ Mid-Atlantic Regional Furmeet 2015
♦ Fur The 'More 2016
♦ New Years Furry Ball 2015
♦ Anthrocon 2015
♦ Zenkaikon 2013, 2014, 2015

Whoa, things about me!

♦ I go to college and major in psychology

♦ 日本語がちょっと話せます

♦ I spend approx. 90% of my free time watching Netflix or playing games on Steam

♦ Sometimes I draw things that turn out okay

♦ I’m 5’,0” and that’s practically a tall Hobbit


Cricket Whitetail
Fur Affinity
Puppy Prince Skyler

Latest Journal

Commission Terms of Service

on 20 May 2016 at 19:37:10 MDT

Content Selection
What I will draw:
⚜ Animals
⚜ Furries
⚜ Anthros or quads
⚜ Realism and semi-realism
⚜ Digital or traditional
⚜ Tasteful Nudity

What I will not draw:
⚜ Eroticism/NSFW works
⚜ Humans
⚜ Copyrighted objects or characters
⚜ "Anime-style"
⚜ Vehicles or complex machinery
⚜ Illegal activities
⚜ Hateful images
⚜ Body horror

Terms and Conditions
Art Use Policy
⚜ You are permitted to personal use of the commissioned piece. It is yours to look at, show to others, or print for personal display. You are also welcome to crop or edit the piece for the convenience of digital display.
⚜ You may not sell the commissioned piece on its own, including but not limited to its digital form, or as a print. Character references are exempt from this rule. Art can travel with a character if that character is being sold or traded.
⚜ You may not claim that you made the commissioned piece
⚜ You may not alter the piece, or removed the artist's signature without permission. Incidental cropping of the signature for online use is okay, but cropping for the purpose of removing the signature is not.
⚜ The artist reserves the right to display (or not to display) the finished piece in any online gallery or physical venue, or use in promotional materials.

Payment policy
⚜ Commission prices are subject to change without notice. Commissions initiated before updates to prices will not be not affected.
⚜ Payments must be made through Paypal. Please send payments as goods and services, and make sure to mark down that no shipping address is needed (except in the case of badges needing to be shipped). Payments that do not meet these requirements will be refunded, as improperly handled payments can cause legal trouble for the artist.
⚜ Cash exchanges can be negotiated around events and conventions that the artist attends.
⚜ After the completion of a sketch that both you and the artist are happy with, payment must be sent. No further work will be done on your commission until full payment is received.
⚜ Major changes to the commission shape or lineart of your commission after the sketching phase will add an extra charge to your commission. This means that the sketching phase is the time for you to be specific and nitpicky! the artist will send plenty of WIP photos throughout the drawing process for this express purpose.
⚜ Changes that are requested after the final piece has been sent for your approval come with an extra charge. The exception to this is missed markings or errors made on the part of the artist. However, if you decide that your character needs a flower crown, for example, two weeks after the commission has been completed and approved by you, this will come at an extra cost.
⚜ Rush commissions are moved to the top of the artist's queue. A rush commission qualifies as any piece that is expected to be done in less than two weeks' time, and comes with an extra charge. The rush charge is dependent on the nature of the commission size and type.

Refund Policy
⚜ The artist reserves the right to issue a refund based upon poor communication, rude behavior, or inadequate time to complete the commission.
⚜ You are entitled to a full refund should the artist not be able to complete your commissions in a timely manner.
⚜ A full refund cannot be guaranteed if you are unhappy with the final product, unless it is not up to par with the artist's previous work to date.
⚜ A maximum 50% refund can be issued if the order is cancelled during or after the coloring stage.

Commissioning policy
⚜ The artist reserves the right to decline any client or commission for any reason.
⚜ The artist works on a very loosely-structured first-come, first-serve schedule. However, some projects may be completed out of the queue order based on convenience, access to materials, and commission size.
⚜ The artist will not progress to the next stage of your commission without your approval. Landmark approval stages are sketch, lines, color, and final product. You will receive a minimum of 3 work-in-progress images.
⚜ Please be polite and professional when commissioning. The artist is working very hard to make something special for you!
⚜ Please take not of what the artist will and will not draw. Messages of inquiry are welcome if you are unsure if the artist will accept the content of your commission.
⚜ Please have reference(s) prepared when commissioning, and have an idea of what positions, etc, you are interested in. Please do not send NSFW references, unless they are adequately censored.
⚜ If the piece is time-sensitive or a surprise, please state as much so that public display can be delayed.
⚜ The client must read, understand and agree to all the above terms before entering into an agreement with the artist. By sending payment, the Client agrees to and acknowledges the above terms.

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Digital Character Rendering

Fullbody flat chibi
$ 20.00
Fullbody flat regular
$ 40.00
Fullbody shaded chibi
$ 30.00
Fullbody shaded regular
$ 50.00
add  Background
from $ 0.00
to $ 30.00
add  Extra character
from $ 15.00
to $ 38.00

Watercolor and Ink Badges

Convention/Event pickup
$ 35.00
Shipped badge
$ 40.00


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