Animal Crossing New Leaf Aquirrelle Vest QR Code by sanctumpolis

Animal Crossing New Leaf Aquirrelle Vest QR Code


22 May 2014 at 01:23:35 MDT

Hey there Dream Walkers,

These are the remaining two House Uniforms for Sanctum Polis - Rest Eternal Memory X Animal Crossing: New Leaf. Last week we had the A'Risel Hoodie, and Terranel Robe. Now we present to you the Aquirrelle Vest and Ignusel Shirt. Now you have the complete House set. Which one is your favorite? Be sure to post your favorite shirt with your Animal Crossing villagers sporting it and represent the House you represent. If you don't know which house you belong to, be sure to go to and take the test to find out which house are you.

Also, as mentioned before, we will be attending SuperCon 2014 this year. We'll be located at Booth # 612. We really look forward in meeting you so be sure to swing on by and say hello as we will also be selling exclusive content and we will also be having a Panel as well. The date and time of the Panel will be revealed next month. So hope to see you all there!!

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