The Houses Of Solaris Notre University by sanctumpolis

The Houses Of Solaris Notre University


20 January 2014 at 02:36:28 MST

Introducing the Houses of Solaris Notre University!

  • Aquirelle House: Aquirelle was one of the Four Apostles to follow Solaris during her time on Earth. She had dominion over the element of water and valued loyalty and self sacrifice above all things. Her house at the male school is currently lead by Bishop Suriel.

  • Ignusel House: Another of the Four Apostles who had dominion over the element of fire. He valued wisdom and intellect above all other things. His house is currently lead by Bishop Drexel at the male school and Eparch Mairelle at the female school.

  • Terranel House: Terranel was the most grounded of the Four Apostles and had dominion over the earth and plants. He placed his value in growth and ambition because he believed we are nothing if we don't strive for something greater in life much like a plant strives to reach the sky. His house if run by Bishop Erethel at the male school.

  • A'Risel House: He was the most free spirited of the Four Apostles and had dominion over the wind. A'Risel believed that bravery and strength were to be valued above all other things because without those traits we are unable to weather the storms of life. His house is being lead by Bishop Konel at the male school.

Which House do you believe you'd belong to?
To help you decide, here are some excerpts from the Book of Solaris in regards to each Apostle.

  • "Bravery without strength is ignorance, but with it you may traverse the strongest wind with ease. Only through strength of mind, body, soul, and the bravery to use it can we weather life's greatest storms." -Apostle A'risel 1:6

  • "Loyalty is like a pool of water; if it's shallow it can evaporate in a brisk breeze but if it's deep it'll last an eternity." -Apostle Aquirelle 2:4

  • "Ideas are like a flame. They can spark under the right conditions and though small at first they can expand and grow to unimaginable size." -Apostle Ignusel 3:1

  • "We all begin our lives like a seed in the dirt; a sphere full of possibilities. However, if we do not step outside our seed and push for the surface will we ever see the warm sunlight that awaits us at the end of our struggles." -Apostle Terranel 4:1

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