Sanctum Polis - S.U.I.T. by sanctumpolis

Sanctum Polis - S.U.I.T.


2 April 2016 at 13:13:29 MDT

We hope all of you had a fun April Fool's. As for us, we wanted to let you know that we weren't all joke yesterday.

In reality, we've started to put together the core set of rules and ideas for an actual deck-building card game. The game is divided into battle, dream, and loot decks. Characters will appear as playable cards as well as other secrets from the story. Right now this is in early development stages since we wanted to put this into REM.

However, we want to make this a physical game, but won't move forward without your support. So please make sure to give us as much feedback as possible.

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Art Design by Gabriel Trujillo

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    Is the PC video game itself still actively developed? I mean, with one or more programmers writing code on a regular basis? Aren't there enough functional mechanics and art assets by now to release a playable demo or interactive teaser?

    According to the old featured Fridays, the team is: (ignoring titles with 'chief' in them)

    • creative director
    • musician
    • marketing/advertising
    • writer
    • (Spanish) translator
    • pixel artist

    Is it safe to speculate that development on the game has stalled because the team doesn't include a game developer?

    I read every journal that SanctumPolis publishes on weasyl, hoping for news of progress. I contributed to the kickstarter and I voted for SP on greenlight and I encouraged my friends to do so as well.

    Folks are hungry for your game and they want meat. Stop teasing us with the condiments (comics, card games... a book???) and give us just a little piece of the burger!