Grunge as You Are by SamtheAngelFox

Grunge as You Are


6 March 2018 at 20:39:32 MST

[First Pic on Weasyl!]

"Sit and Drink Pennyroyal Tea" - Nirvana
"I feel so alone, gonna end up a big pile of Them Bones" - Alice in Chains
"Call my name through the cream and I'll hear you scream again" - Soundgarden
"I'm playing this pantomime But I don't see you showing any signs of fear" - Silverchair

For the first time since late 2015, I have drawn art. Ever since I joined in on a friends drewpile session, I decided to give it a go and see what would happen.
Lo and behold I get on a kick of art again! I just hope this one lasts, because I am proud of this pic!
I know my art isn't as different as it used to be but I feel I did better than I have.

The picture is more or less self explanatory, Sam dressed in the 90s Era Grunge clothing. As a result of listening to the bands listed above.

So enjoy my first picture in years!

Sam the Angel Fox belongs to Me
Song Lyrics belongs to bands listed above.

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