The Changeable Hawk-Eagle #2 - Pencil drawing by Sammacha

The Changeable Hawk-Eagle #2 - Pencil drawing


19 March 2014 at 18:33:33 MDT

Well the owner of the original had it hanging on the wall but the frame fell down, the pic got damaged so he asked if I could re-draw it. The old on is still ok but yeah its a bit damaged, so of course...
here is the 2nd one. I think its a small improvement but I do like the old one still.
you can see the old version here

-Samantha Lim

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    Nice work on this Sam! There's definitely an' improvement in the shading and the lighter tone you've done, rather than the harden edges. Looks a lot more smooth. Lovin' the way you did the feet as well. :D

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      Thanks Moogle! Yeah, this one is a lot different with regards to the tones and harsh lines I used last time. I still enjoy the look of the old one but this one is a bit better. There is still a lot of work to do learning to draw the feathers on a birds body. Especially the ones with more then one colour.

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    Wow, very nice! I think the second version has some finer details and shows some growth in your skill.

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      Thank you, and yes! I am happy anytime I can see some improvement in my work and especially when comparing a first attempt to the second (1 year apart)

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    It's much more realistic, is my impression. Especially the eye. Not sure if that's how your style has been developing or if that's a result of further studies over the year, but you certainly have better control over shading and lines, nice job.

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      Well there are three factors truthfully.
      1. The first was was my first try, it was intended to be a draft but I wanted to give it to the person and they said they really liked it already (so okay then). It was also intended to give someone an idea of how I the different pencils to achieve lights and darks (my tutorial).
      2. Because I was actually going for a real copy over the old one (which was basically the draft (this is how I usually work)) I used better paper. the better paper gives mush more control over the pencil shading
      3. By comparing the draft to the photo I can pic up the errors I made such as the shape of the head, the eye, etc. Having the draft makes a huge different as I don't usually use my eraser to do them, whatever errors i make I fix on the "good copy" which this one is.

      This is basically what it should have looked like the first time around. The main difference is that now I am used to the paper, I am more sure i know what the pencil is going to do and how its going to move, where as before I did not. for example,

      Thanks for your thoughtful comment Rory :)

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    The shading and texture-rendering looks fantastic!

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      Thank you so much Nattles, I really like working on images that I can try to give textures too.