Fat Ref 5 - Sizes, Legs by Samael

Fat Ref 5 - Sizes, Legs


24 November 2016 at 11:44:07 MST


As part of the process of making life easier for my commissioners and myself, I figured I'd make some ref sheets for the kind of things I end up drawing the most of. Nobody wants to go into a commission with an idea in mind they can't quite articulate and then find the artist got the wrong idea from what was said. Its also frustrating always having to look for a reference of the size that you have in mind in this zone of work every other time you want to get something. The artist might also do a completely different form of it from what you expected.

These are presented to make matters easier for you guys when you commission me but feel free to use them when getting art from other folks or purely as a study aid if you fancy. This is not the be-all-end-all of this kind of thing, either, obviously and its not nearly as definitive as I should like it to be. Feel free to add suggestions for things I've missed for future updates for it - once you've seen all of them, in case I have already added it.

This Sizes sheet is to indicate any a general size of character, at this point bigger than a city, how the arms may be constructed and how the character wears clothes.

This list is intended to provide a quick and accessible size reference.
The examples here try to generally maintain a relatively even distribution of fat to provide an example.

At this point, size changes are less gradual and more representative of ranges of sizes beginning at planetary sizes and ending at the end of all things.

  • 16. Apocalyptic represents a character who is beyond the size of a country - at this point, character is at least as large as Eurasia.
  • 17. There Goes The Planet represents a character who covers approximately an entire hemisphere.
  • 18. Truly Globular represents a character who is large enough that their front and back are able to make contact around the world.
  • 19. Celestial Body represents a character who is larger than a planet. At this point, character may be anywhere from the size of Earth to the size of the Sun to comparable in size to a Solar System.
  • 20. Galactic Event represents a character who is beyond the size of a Solar system. Character could be the size of a galaxy or big enough that they are, in fact, surrounded by them.
  • 21. Event Horizon represents a character who is the end-state for a universe, multiverse, omniverse, dimension, etc. Nothing below their size escapes.

Though weight distribution of the legs and butt is generally handled by the shape and style and could be further customized by the same qualifies as per arms, the way the leg is positioned is also customizable. It is debatable how anatomically sound the positioning may be between them, but this is cartooning and you can get away with what you want.

  • Propped Up indicates that the lower leg is supported by the fat of the thigh and elevated.
  • Down Low indicates that the leg, despite its size, keeps its relative position with the base of the body.
  • Outwards indicates that the leg is forced fully outwards from the body, effectively splayed due to the weight. Typically it will be propped up as well, but this is optional.

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