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well it's pride month

Well it pride month again and normaly i don't celebrate it, am not against it i just don't like showing it off like a badge
it's normal to me being bisexuality,
but i understand why it a huge thing for many people so this pride month ill be doing only
pride images! :)

so feel free to drop characters you love to see in a pride month image from me
don't forget to pick a flag for said characters if you think something else fits better for them then the rainbow flag

also straight characters are welcome as well there a flag for it to called the straight ally flag
and ill end it here with

Happy pride month everyone :D

p.s I am on hoilday from the 9th-19th of june (UK time) so no images at that time sorry

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    that fair enough, Fur Affinity's changes have never been a quiet thing plus there not allowing feedback just make it worst so i ill talk to you later on here then :)

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    Hey Sam it's me Daniel and I just wanted to say that I decided to delete my account from Fur Affinity because I needed to get away from that website for a while and I will get back to it eventually but I just needed a break from all that stuff for a while and it was getting pretty rowdy on there too so I just needed to get away from the rowdiness and I started another account on Deviant Art too and I think I might stick with this site for a while but I'll get back to Fur Affinity eventually but I just wanted to say that so I will talk to you later Sam and keep the SFM pictures going their still very very sexy!