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Pretty and Powerful by SAJ-Man

Pretty and Powerful


Violent, deceitful, loving, determined, skillful, wise, innocent, royal. Each one of these lovely ladies is described by these words. The women of Sonic the Hedgehog Z are a lot more prominent and amazing than their SEGA counterparts. From left to right on the ground there's Blaze the Cat, Maria Robotnik the Hedgehog, Amy Rose the Hedgehog, Tikal the Echidna, and Cream the Rabbit. In the air there's Rouge the Bat, Honey the Cat, and in the background on the side is Princess Elise the Squirrel. (The only humans in Sonic the Hedgehog Z are the Robotniks and that General guy from "Shadow the Hedgehog".)

I didn't do such a bang-up job with the background, whatever, concentrate on the beautiful Mobian girls IN FRONT OF the background. Also, BOOBIES! Why is Rouge the only girl with boobs? Makes no sense, right? I decided to SHARE the love in my Sonic universe. Please, if it's not too much trouble, drop a comment in the comments section. (Don't comment about that background though.)

All original characters belong to SEGA. PLEASE DON'T TAKE MY JUNK!