by SailorX2 (critique requested)

(critique requested)


5 August 2015 at 16:27:25 MDT

Sokka: "My first girlfriend turned into the moon."
Zuko: "..."
Zuko: "That's rough buddy."

I'm a big fan of Avatar, mainly because I like to draw martial arts, but here I decided to switch it up a little, and draw Yue as the moon spirit. I was inspired by some of the art depicting Cheng'e, though no specific piece. Cheng'e always wore clothes that made her seem like a cloud, and Yue already had this effect in canon too, so I wanted to capture that through subtlety. Her hair and elements of her outfit espeically have a wispy or cloud-like look. Admittedly I gave the most care to the pencilwork rather than the colouring, but I still tried to give it a subtle glow and warmth that I thought fit her character and form. Listen to Iroh sing "Four Seasons" on an eternal loop for full effect.

-Mechanical Pencil; Red (0.5)
-Graphite Pencil; 2H

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    This is really pretty! I love the original Avatar series. Nicely done! :D

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      Thanks! Avatar's just one of those series that's super fun to draw stuff for!

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        I can imagine! Zuko was one of my favorite characters. But then again, I always seem to root for the 'bad guy' in every show or movie xD

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          Nah, I think we all just like are angsty woobies! ;P

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    Haha xD