Tinkerbell And The Mysterious Adventure (chapter 7) by Sailorplanet97

Tinkerbell And The Mysterious Adventure (chapter 7)


16 May 2020 at 17:05:51 MDT

in this previous part Leontine and Queen Clarion had an discussion after explaining the situation about vampires,
and so did Caspar with King Scar expect these 2 had a discussion about staying away from fairies who lives in Pixie Hollow,
Caspar however got slapped after telling him the truth about how he got treated by King Scar and after telling the truth he got banished in the area where only vampires lives
(i guess you can call it Outlanders or something in neverland) and without Leontine asking her friends about seeing her love,
her friends expect iridessa and Rosetta are helping her keeping it as a secret to Queen Clarion, (King Scar is sort of like Zira from The Lion King 2)
Leo's friends just wanted her to be happy and break the rules just for her, but don't worry there are happy scene aswell ;)
so i hope you enjoy reading them again (Rosetta complains the most so i maked it look like she won't help someone because Rosetta is the wisest out of Tink's friends
And iridessa is overprotective but decided not to say anything because she wanna stay out of trouble about the sneaky stuff)

King Scar: now that Caspar is gone we're gonna attack the whole pixie hollow since that goldish haired girl discovered this!
everyone nodded
King Scar: besides, that goldish haired girl told everyone this whole thing isn't over yet so we are gonna leave this place now!
pack your things and leave this place just so we can show everyone we are the boss there!

after the vampire fairies got their attention to the king leontine is more then ready to leave pixie hollow just so she can be with her love again!

Leontine: alright since my friends are gonna make excuses to the queen i guess i'm more then ready to leave,
however i need to leave the note just so they won't worry about me this time, (she said thinking out loud)
if my friends come at my home then atleast they know where i am (she said with realizing)

a few minutes later after she finished the note she checks if the other fairies aren't looking while it was still daylight, and then quickly teleported herself from somewhere else then in pixie hollow!

Caspar is away from his home too and doesn't care about the fellow vampire fairies, he already doesn't feel home at all,

Caspar: pffff who does he think he is if he can just get away with me having a scar on my cheeks (he complains to himself)
maybe it's a good thing i get banished there, if my love can survive this then so am i (he said grumbles)
only if my love would be here then we will be together again and stay here forever (he said softly)

Leontine then said exact the same thing wishing Caspar was there and being be together with a soft voice aswell,
Leontine & Caspar at the same time wishing this wish would come true seeing each other and nobody who can stop them from seeing each other and being be together forever
and calling the second star in hope this would come true and seeing each other in real again, (and without them knowing it they are near each other but without them noticing it)

after Leontine fell asleep by the ocean and Caspar at near the rocks (expect at the otherside at it where Leontine didn't walked there) Jake noticed something strange,
he felt there's a war coming and warns Queen Clarion about it who then warned it to everyone, Tyger was one of the first who gasped after overhearing it from Jake
(Tyger was spying at the pixie dust tree)

Queen Clarion: attention everyone!
everyone stopped from what they were doing and listen to her about what she has to say
Queen Clarion: i have bad news everyone! i'm afraid there's a war coming that's slowly coming close to us,
so some of us have to leave to get them away with it and protect Pixie Hollow so prepare for the worse everyone
Tyger: is this true jake, are we really in danger? (he asked whispering in Jake's ear)
Jake: i'm afraid so, i can feel it coming so i thought i warn everyone about it (he answered while whispers back)
Tyger nodded in a understanding manner and decided to help him to scare the vampires away (i'm gonna help you (he said whispering))

in that meanwhile Queen Clarion finished about the bad news and everyone gasped

Fawn: oh no i hope Leontine isn't in trouble (she gasped while she said softly)
Silvermist: i hope not Fawn or otherwise we have to rescue her
Queen Clarion: Girls can i speak with you in my office?
Tinkerbell: sure i guess?

The 7 girls are in Queen Clarion's office to ask about Leontine

Queen Clarion: do you girls know where Leontine is? i didn't noticed her when i had to bring everyone bad news
Fawn: well uhm to be honest she decided to go to her old house to bring memories back from her stuff she left it there (she said not wanted the Queen to know about going to her lover)
Zarina: yeah she really wanted to go there, also to attack the monsters there in the area
Queen Clarion: where is she exactly? (she said knowing the girls are hiding something for Leontine)
Tinkerbell: like they said, to her old house
Vidia: yeah she wanted to check her old place and practice her skills you see!

Rosetta and iridessa however kept their mouth shut, iridessa panicked inside but she won't show it

Silvermist: you have to believe us Queen Clarion (she said in a friendly way)
Queen Clarion: does this have to do with her lover? (she said knowing they are lying)
Tinkerbell: what? of course not! why do you bring something like that up?
Queen Clarion: well i know for a fact she sneaks off to see her boyfriend and besides i told her when she's calm enough she can come here again which she didn't do (she said very strict)
Zarina: what if she needed a break and decided to do that in her old house, how about that?
Tinkerbell: yeah who knows she didn't want to see you and decided to go to her old house and wanted to go to the ocean to sit all the way to herself and spends the time alone

Rosetta is annoyed and iridessa is scared for Leo's sake

Queen Clarion: alright, alright you could be right about that but please take care of her, you don't know where she's up to!
Tinkerbell: will do! (Tink nodded)
Queen Clarion: you are dismissed!

Fawn: phew that was a close one
Zarina: yeah you could say that!
Fawn: WELL SHE WON'T FIND OUT RO, STOP COMPLAINING THE WHOLE TIME! (she said screaming to Rosetta)

iridessa didn't want to get involved with this stuff and decide to fly away
Fawn: NOW THANKS TO YOU, YOU SCARED HER AWAY NOW! (she said with anger)
Zarina: can you guys keep it down? everyone will hear you guys (zarina stopped them from a huge fight)
Tinkerbell: yeah, we don't want to hear from Queen Clarion that we are lying to her the whole times and get punished for it
Vidia: that's fine by us Ro just don't meantion this to anyone (she said trying to stay calm but looks annoyed by her)

after that they packed everything up what they needs and leaves pixie hollow, Rosetta was thinking about it and apologize to Fawn and accepts it and decided to keep it as a secret,
iridessa then tagged along too, just for her friends sake,

in that meanwhile when it was daylight again, Leontine woke up alone and decided to sing at the ocean
and the song is called: love will find a way (sorta like in The Lion King 2 when Kiara is singing first but then Kovu starts to sing) and then he heard her voice and started to sing too
well expect they were flying to each other and hugged each other in the air and flew somewhere, they then laughed at each other

and Caspar tells her they belong together (the butterfly touched the water while these 2 lovely couples looked at the water)
and tells her to get out of here and runaway together and tells her to stay with each other forever,

but then she of course had to asked what has happened to his face and he explained it to her, she however told him that they have to go back because they can't runaway from their problems and finished what everyone was doing, even though if she wanted to runaway and starts their thing in the area nobody comes,

he told her she's kidding and tells her they can finally be together, she then told him that their place is with their pride
she then told him that if these 2 runaway they'll be devided forever (i meant the fairies in pixie hollow and the outlanders) but she comforts him that they can do this together (she then hold his hands)

she healed his scar and told him to hold still and he thanked her, but then they were slowely leaving and it was gonna rain fast when the vampire fairies come closer and closer to pixie hollow

i hope you all liked this chapter? Part 9 is gonna come out soon so stay turned guys!

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