Tinkerbell And The Mysterious Adventure (chapter 4) by Sailorplanet97

Tinkerbell And The Mysterious Adventure (chapter 4)


16 May 2020 at 16:47:02 MDT

this is the chapter where she met caspar again, but she don't recognize him at first because of his hair and clothes
i hope you'll like it

right after Tinkerbell and her friends were looking for her Leontine continues walking somewhere in hope she sees monsters but then everything changes

Leontine: i think i walk on the right place because it's a creepy place which it doesn't matter to me (she then walked on a sort of a troll bridge but then after she survived it something will happen)

Leontine: well uhm i still need to walk right or else i'm out of this creepy place, (she doesn't turn on because she walks behind)

Leontine: i need to think something to see- AAAAAH, WOAH, WOW!

Leontine then fell on caspar by accident

Caspar: who are YOU for someone who lives in pixie hollow! (he was just about to get her)
Caspar: what are you doing?
Leontine: my friends told me you never turn your back to pixie hollow! (she said half yelling)
Caspar: but always do what your friends said
Leontine: NO
Caspar: but you do (he sort of makes fun of her)
Caspar: on this creepy vampire place doesn't need anyone, i take care of myself!
Leontine: oh really? (she said being curious)
Leontine: oh that's very cool, i used to take care of myself

they then got attacked and Leontine use her skills to kill the monster

Leontine: CRESENT, BOOMERANG! (the monster got killed but then there comes an animal they have to fly away)
Caspar: FLY AWAY!
Leontine: OH, THIS WAY!
Caspar: HERE TAKE THIS YOU F*CKING LITTLE MONSTERS (he distracted the monster and use his talent but then he catches up right away)

the worse animal then couldn't find them

Caspar: phew that was a close one (they gave each other an high five)
Leontine: hahaha yeah you could say that indeed (they both laughed)
Leontine: we should get to know each other
Caspar: true that, it was really brave what you did!
Leontine: it was no problem, did you see the monster was trying to attack me but then the monster failed to hit me and be like GRRRRRR (she was still laughing)
we could be an epic team, like really, and by the way, you were pretty brave too (she said being tough)
Caspar: let me introduce you, i'm Caspar
Leontine: i'm Leontine!
Caspar/Leontine: WAIT WHAT, IS THAT YOU?!?! (they both gasped)
Caspar: it's alright, you were right though, i putted eveyone in danger so i lives here now where other vampire fairies lives
Leontine: how long are you living there (she asked)
Caspar: a year now, as soon as i flew away, the vampire fairies let me in
Leontine: oh wow, i didn't knew you survived this, i was surprised
Caspar: it's okay though, i have forgotten about last year,
Leontine: and i couldn't live with myself thinking you were death or something
Caspar: well guess what! i'm here harmless and still living
Leontine: wow i think we should be friends, like i said, we could be an epic team
Caspar: yeah we should

they then spends the time with each other and maked each other wet by near the ocean, and laughing at each other
while everyone else flies on their way there, and a while later nobody is in there yet and they make their love to each other!

Queen clarion: attention everyone, i have bad news everyone,
Leontine is still missing, and we don't know where she is, her friends were looking everywhere but nobody can find her where they could think off
so some of us have to leave pixie hollow to find her because she might be attacked
Tinkerbell: i flew pretty far from pixie hollow 1 time and traveled on my own, and so did Terence eventually so i'll help
Fawn: yeah me too (and so did tink's other friends, even clank, bobble, Terence, Zarina and Jake)
Vidia: i'll help too, infact awhile back i found something usefull
Queen clarion: that's a nice thing we can possibly think off vidia (she said with realizing)
Rosetta: well then, let's go and find her then

they then flew asap while Leontine and Caspar spends more and more time with each other till everyone else, even the boss of Kovu arrives

i hope you all liked it, i always read the previous part to get an idea, part 6 is coming soon

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