Tinkerbell And The Mysterious Adventure (chapter 8) by Sailorplanet97

Tinkerbell And The Mysterious Adventure (chapter 8)


15 May 2020 at 15:11:04 MDT

Tinkerbell and the Mysterious Adventure
i try my best to make a chapter about Tinkerbell and Leontine in different scenes so here i go again

tink's friends took her to the healing talent as much as possible, Vidia and Terence carried her arms and rushed to the healing talent
(they put their extra pixie dust (from their packs) on their wings to make sure they aren't out of pixie dust)

Reception: ehem, may i help you?
Silvermist: we need a room please, we are in a hurry! (she said trying to stay calm)
Reception: room 10
Rosetta & fawn: oh my, Thank you
Reception:Mm (she said in seriously)
iridessa: is anyone there? (she said knocking on the door)
Doctor: come on in (the doctor said yelling inside)
Doctor: what happend to her?
Zarina: i can explain, (she took in a few breaths before she explained what happend to tink)
Doctor: put here over there (pointing at the bed)
Zarina: well we flies away because you might know, pixie hollow is or was in danger (she said slowly getting into panic)
Terence: yeah we wondered where it was coming from so we followed it and indeed we were in danger
Fawn: and it turned out we were under attack and we bumped into a fairy who was saving us but then threating us to leave or else we will regret coming there
Terence: yeah and now this happens while trying to punch zarina out of the way since it was meant for her
Vidia: she's worse then me or zarina (she said thinking in her head)
Doctor: let me check on her

the doctor is checking on tink to figure it out if she has any damage

Doctor: she hit her head pretty hard so there's a little brain-damage so she might not feel well.
she might not be physically and emotional stable
Terence: we'll keep an close eye on her and i wanna take care of her day and night
Vidia: uhm terence are you sure you wanna do this? (she said with a worried look while trying to keep calm)
Terence: yes i'm pretty sure, i've done it before i'll be fine (he nodded)
Vidia: well if you said so! (while making sure he can do this)
Terence nodded
Doctor: she'll wake up in a few days
Fawn: thank goodness she'll be alright (she said in relieve)

do you guys remember about the blue moonstone tinkerbell was working on it and terence brings food, find lost things, get her house clean, stoke the fire
and even find the sharp thing, he was giving advices about the scepter and the moonstone and he even gave her a tea by Tinkerbell And The Lost Treasure?
it's kinda like that again expect the lost things sharp thing and the scepter and the blue moonstone part

in that meanwhile at leontine's home

Leontine: pfffff like i should care about what the fairies all says to me (she said angrily)
Leontine: Mmmmm i need something to drink before i get a dry or sore throat from fighting and using my magics
Leontine: i'm the strongest fairy there is! (she said proudly)
Leontine: that's what they get for not listen to my warnings (she said with revenge)

she looks for food for killing the monsters that is in the area and buy some drinks

Leontine: it smells yummy, now i hope everyone keeps an distance for me since i'm dangerous to be around!
Leontine: just because i save anyone's life from dangerous animals and monsters doesn't mean i'm safe to be around with (she said being so stubborn)

2 days later something could change leontine's life forever

she woke up and was having a bad dream about a few days ago and remembered what tinkerbell and her friends was saying to her and remembered what they all did to her (and even after she woke up she was getting flashbacks)

Leontine: Mmmm these flashbacks will be nothing, so i should ignore it! (she said not trying to worry)
Leontine: i'll make myself some tea and eat food

after she had breakfast the flashbacks came back to worse and she looked to the mirror getting into a panic

Leontine: alright calm down these dejavu's will be gone (while looking at the mirror)
Leontine: OH NO IT GETS WORSE! (she screamed and gets flashbacks of the things tink and her friends has just said to her)
Leontine: i.....i t..think i r..regret everything

she was seeing flashbacks, not only from tinkerbell and her friends she was threating them attacked them and hating them but also from her further past where she almost killed 2 fighter fairies aswell too while they tried to do something good and even asked her for help when they were new there
and even killed animals like birds and other animals that isn't dangerous in neverland and wanted to do like everything alone and learned everything on books and from her own experience

Leontine: OH DAMMIT I CAN'T EVEN LOOK AT MYSELF WITHOUT REMEMBERING ALL THAT SHIT! (she started freaking out even more)
I SHOULDN'T HAVE TREATING THEM THAT WAY (she's angry at herself for doing all of this)

she grabs a knife at her home and starts cut herself on her face

a fairy overheard something strange so the person decided to look where it's coming from
and that someone is jake with brown hair and brown eyes

Jake: what's the matter, whenever you are? (he wondered)

Leontine turned to jake and was very scared and told him she's sorry for everything she did to everyone

Leontine: i.....i'm sorry f.for everything i did, i really am, i treated everyone bad and now when i look at myself i think of everything that has happening
how i treat everyone, for being selfish and i getting a threat to them
Jake: so you got carried away from cutting yourself huh?
Leontine: everything is just wrong with me, why does this bad stuff has to happen to me? (she sat on the ground beating herself up)

Jake sat next to leontine to comfort her
Jake: it can happen to all of us leo
Leontine: you don't know how i f-
Jake: you are talking to a guy who accidently killed an animal and was a loner and got depressions till tyger was born, so don't even think i won't know how it feels
(he said getting irritated)
Leontine: i'm sorry it's just so hard i don't know if it will get better (she said getting upset)
Jake: everything is gonna get better overtime if your willing to try and make it get better, and i'm gonna help you from now on
but don't give up though because you have to try and keep going
Leontine: okay i'll try to get better, thanks jake! (she said with relief)
Jake: i will always be there for you leo and we should become friends or atleast allies
Leontine: Mmmm alright (she nodded)

they were hugging each other very tight

Jake: so you'll be alright from now on? (he maked sure)
Leontine: i'm sure, i'll clean my face up with my magical talent
Jake: alright see you soon!

she then spend the time alone and let her emotions out after her regrets, she rather be alone for now to cry everything out what she has done her whole life
this fits with this scene where leontine cries her eyes out and changed her personality with the help from jake!

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