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Patreon by Sahtori-Kamaya



13 September 2014 at 20:07:42 MDT

Finally I finished the artwork for the dutch furry convention and I had a little time to make this. You see two new artworks that aren't published (yet) on any sites besides for 'Fe'Ather' on Patreon.

I'm willing to give a commission raffle away once a month if I get the amount that's needed, I want to put more time in my comics for publishing and the site is softly lifting from the ground so soon with your help and funding you'll be the first people to READ this comic. Everything will be free, you'll be able to read:

'Laguna's Past'
'The Heart of a Star'
'Nightmare in Shimmeria' - Co-Artist Kaniko (need to pay her by page) and Silvia

What you also get is a place in the comics, as a background character - now it's easy to cancel if you are not happy with our works. I'm not working alone and I'm doing the best I can...

There will be NSFW streams and livestreams (the moment I got my laptop back which should be SOON)

My health is top priority and I can work if I'm able, just not on this small laptop for the moment, it's overheating while my other laptop is in repairing, ... sighs

If you don't feel like a monthly contribution, please help me on 'Go Fund Me'
I need a lot of money to pay off my bills for my health, if you can spare a buck, please, if you are willing to share this, you have my deepest gratitude.

Love ya all.

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