Draw This Again Year 3 - Wandering Around by Saharikya

Draw This Again Year 3 - Wandering Around


18 November 2019 at 07:45:10 MST

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA I forgot to post this yesterday! :"D

Anyways, it's a redraw from these: https://www.deviantart.com/saharikya/art/Draw-This-Again-Wandering-Around-772911014

I have to thank @XRed-Moon for helping me improve a lot!

2017 - When I started drawing Digitally. This was before I had a drawing tablet so it was all done with a mouse. It's the only drawing in this that I did on Paint Tool Sai. I know I said this on the last drawing, but what the heck happened to those mountains!

2018 - That is when Red started teaching me about drawing. At that time, I accedantly make my art technique similar to hers. :"D This is when I started learning about Eye Shaping the characters, and barely know about anamoty.

2019 - Jacob had a style rechange when Pokemon isn't my main thing anymore. He's now one of my new species that I've yet explained what they are. During the year of 2019, I learned more about anamoty and coloring on an illustration. Red helped me make the pose a little more dynamic then from the first two.

And wow! All 3 shows a huge improvement! I can't wait to see what's next year's drawing!

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