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Artificial Incident
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Keeping Up to Date...

Hey everyone, just got a few things I wanna say. I probably won't be doing any kind of Frequent Journal updates! I used to do updates and all on Deviant art all the time but the past few years I haven't really dealt with it. I realized I had a ton of work I could put up on DA but as I started the process I realized how much of a chore it was going to be. Then my friend Mihari reminded me of Weasyl! I've got the perfect short username and the submitting process is fast and easy! So I went ahead and did it! Over 50 images posted in less than an hour (in total time XD- breaks between every few submissions is my own fault!).

I'm hoping to pretty much make this my go to place for posting all my work from Patreon and more and hopefully I'll be able to use it for commissions and letting people know I'm streaming as well once that gets going.

If you are interested in checking out my work I have a webcomic called Yosh! ( I've been working on it for over 11 years now with 3 updates a week. If you like it or just the art I do please consider either donating through paypal (there is a link on the webcomic page under the comic) or contributing to the Patreon which you can find here or from the link on the Yosh! site or even on the Weasyl link to patreon.

Anyways, thanks for taking the time to check out the page and I hope to keep things updated here with all the latest from the months works!
-Phil "Sage" Brown

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    My name is Miss Rita, I saw your profile and called my attention to write you. I would like you to communicate me through my email address



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    This comment area is a little empty so.... hey ovo/

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      ,(^^)/ Hiiii - Yeah, I only recently started using Weasyl again since I've almost completely stopped using DeviantArt. It's weird not having to comb through a hundred messages but also kinda nice ^^

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        As A Yosh reader, it was a nice suprise randomly running into your account here XD

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    Hey there <3

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      Hello :D I think this is the first time I have ever had the name "Sage" without any numbers or extras on the end! :D It's so exciting! :P

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        I bet! Glad you finally got it :D