I'm Sorry by Safyras

I'm Sorry


27 April 2015 at 14:26:08 MDT

(Rated 13+ due to language in description below)

This is based off of a whit if scene from an rp between me and a friend of mine. During one of the threads, Drakarin was sent to the citadel to retrieve some illegal goods. He knew this mission was dangerous seeing he was a wanted man by the turian Hierarchy, but still went. In the rp, he gets arrested but had a friend help him escape... the what if is... What if that friend had not known and he was faced with his execution. This scene was based off of when he having forgotten the comm link within his ear was still there and able to speak to his mate who was on Illium and he apologizes to her for having failed her in keeping his promise...

~If interested, this is what arose the what if image to be drawn ^^ done via skype hence the odd layout. ~

The transmission with the human female's ear crackles open, having wondered when Drakarin would respond, she quickly responds with a happy greeting yet pauses when she heard his voice speak over the link.

'Durga... I am sorry... I fucked upon this one...'

"What? What do you mean?"

'I... cannot make it home...'

"What happened?"

'..... I have been arrested... they found me...'

"What!? No. Where are you now?"

'Palaven... awaiting for... well... my... end.'

"No. You're not going to die! I'm not going to let it happen!"

'my dear... there is no time. They are already preparing the.... l-lets just enjoy each other, ok?'

"But... I. This wasn't." sniffs

'I know... shh, everything will be fine... You can go on. You are strong and continue what I could not... No matter where you are... I- I will be there with you...'

"But... but what if I can't. you were the first good thing to happen to me since Lucien and Eva, and they're never going to know who I really am. Drak... I don't think I can go through this alone."

A soft watery laugh echoes through the link 'Yes you can, you will always be that stubborn woman I felt in love with. Also your life has gotten better has it not? You have friends now, my crew, Vash, dare I even say Niemand...' the sound of a metal door opening screamed through the link 'on your feet traitor! it's time.'

"But... they're not you. Please don't let this happen. I love you too much to lose you."

'I love you too... but there is nothing more I can do... they are armed and I have been stripped of everything. I did try... my right arm is busted pretty good, my ribs are shattered... I... tried, gods did I try...'

"Who are you talking to traitor?!"

"Nothing but the walls."

"Fuck you, get moving, they are waiting for you!'

slumps "No... I... I love you, Drak." unable to hold back any longer, Durga starts crying.

Tears brim his eyes as he begins to walk forward, in to the room where five turians stood, armed and ready 'I will not let you hear this... I love you so much... please be strong, please do not give up... remember the fun we have had...'

"Ready arms!"

"Wait, I knew it, you are talking to someone! Hold your fire!"

"Durga... I love you, you mean the world to me, please do not-" The ear piece was forceablly removed, violets eyes glared right at the male who stormed off with the device unaware it was still on as he looked to the soliders standing in front of him.

"Fine! Do it, do it... DO IT!"

Across the connection, the ring of gun fire opens up before nothing but static could be heard.

"hmm... apparently this is still on."

Is the last thing heard before the link cuts out.


Anywho! Enjoy some good ol' angst!

Drakarin/artwork © Safyras
Turians © Bioware

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