Hi hello! This is my account for posting some of my artwork. Once in a while I may post NSFW so if you are under 18 please look elsewhere. I take commissions!

I have a DA, TH, Tumblr, and Discord all by the same username.

Please feel free to chat with me ^^


100x100 Pixels

Bust Only
$ 10.00

Custom Design

Simple to Very Detailed
from $ 25.00
to $ 35.00

Detailed Style

$ 20.00

Lineless Art

$ 25.00

Ref Sheets

Nude(censored) + 1 outfit
$ 20.00
add  Additional Outfit
$ 4.00

Simple/Chibi Style

$ 10.00

Commissioning me means you have read, and agree to my TOS
If you commission me and fail to read these, then I have every right to
disallow you the use of my artwork/designs and Blacklist you if you break a rule.

(Terms Of Service)

  • DO NOT send your payment without making 100% sure that you click "NO SHIPMENT NECESSARY" for your payment! The art I sell is digital, and in no way shape or form needs to be shipped!

  • I do not issue refunds.
    If you commissioned me, that means you've clearly seen my artistic abilities.
    I will keep my customers updated with how their commission is coming along, and if something has come up
    to push back the estimated finish date.

  • You will NOT re-upload my art on any website* or claim the art as your own work!
    *toyhouse is an exception, but you must credit me!
    (Toyhouse: S-adistic-Scars)

  • If you commission me to design/redesign a character,
    you will credit me for the design the first time drawing said character, and
    anytime someone asks about the designer

  • If you are commissioning me to design a CS character, provide proof of your MYO slot ahead of time
    (watermark it ahead of time!! I know there are people who will ask for proof and they just steal the slot, so please please! protect your slot and watermark it, even though I would never steal your slots, it's just a warning in case you commission other artists as well)

  • (Although mistakes are not common...) If I have made a mistake drawing your character,
    depending on how big or small the mistake is, I will either edit the picture
    or draw you a completely new piece*, HOWEVER, please tell me nicely, do not yell at me about it.
    If you yell at me over a mistake, I will Blacklist you from purchasing a commission from me again.
    (*this is case-by-case and depends purely on my ability to edit the mistake)

  • T.O.S. can, and will update if I see fit, and it up to you to check back

Thank you for your time
And thank you for commissioning me!


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