Grosvenor Keir Quinton by Sadalsuud-Staridae

Grosvenor Keir Quinton


27 May 2018 at 01:01:44 MDT

Grosvenor Keir Quinton, my kitty'sona <3

This boy's gone through a slight design alternation and name change due to selling off the original fursuit that carried his namesake, and was adopted originally from Blushmutt <3

  • Nicknamed 'Keir Royale' by Chellios, 'Gros' by Kendrick and Stewart, & 'Purrball' by VJ XD
  • Lives just up the coast from VJ's place, and roommates with Barksdale and his longterm girlfriend, Babsy
  • Works at the same store as VJ & Kendrick, as a member of the Toys team
  • Is a casual gamer, likes World of Warcraft, Pokemon, Monster Hunter Stories & Tetris
  • Loves to read sci-fi and crime novels
  • Does not like wearing pants due to having generalized Hyperhidrosis (work however is not sympathetic in the slightest to his condition)
  • Normally goes barefoot absolutely everywhere (except work because he can't get away with that!)
  • Still saving up to have the endoscopic lumbar sympathectomy (ELS) surgery done to combat his Hyperhidrosis

He's a beachcomber kitty, who collects sea glass and makes little trinkets and jewellery in his spare time. It's difficult to get him off the beach sometimes, as he has quite an adoration for the sea.

His room is adorned in various naval themes, anchors, pennant flags and ship's wheels, as well as sea-glass string lights. His folks disappeared when he was in his late teens, as they were prone to doing. He's never really questioned what became of them. The wanderlust runs deeply in his family tree and he understands that some parents just don't want to hang around after their kids are grown.

His genetic line is mixed; due to his lack of height, there's a touch of Munchkin cat in him, Siberian or Maine Coon to explain his floofiness and Turkish Van to explain his love of the water.

He and Kendrick get along famously, mostly because they both tend to be amiably emotive rather than vocal at work. Kendrick enjoys his company, and owns a few of his art pieces (photo frames and sea glass string lights).

He's often found visiting VJ's house on Sundays and chillaxing on the couch with her other pets (he LOVES her snekfriend <3!).

I've no plans YET to turn him into a fursuit, but he's on the cards for a future build, maybe 2022/23 at this point =3

Grosvenor Keir Quinton belongs to Victoria S. Rodda, 1991 - 2018
Original design purchased from Blushmutt

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