OZCC 2017 - Torri Higginson by Sadalsuud-Staridae

OZCC 2017 - Torri Higginson


12 June 2017 at 22:43:21 MDT

OZCC 2017 - Group Photo with Torri Higginson

I'll be honest; I'm taking Torri's reaction to me, my husband James and our buddy Nik in fursuits to my grave <3

She was still very jet-lagged but resolutely devoted to being super-fun and friendly to all the fans. We pulled Nik into our little group photo (because OZCC is awesome and allows up to four people in a group shot) because hell, it's Doctor Elizabeth Weir from Stargate Atlantis, and we all decided prior to the con it would be nice to have a photo with her as we'd missed her two years prior due to her having other committments and having to pull out of attending Supanova Expo 2015.

She had just finished chatting to the people before us, her photographer (whom we know as he's been part of every con we've attended) said "Oh hey guys, welcome back!", Torri turned around...and let out the most excited girly squeak with the BIGGEST smile on her face as we joined her for this photo. Her excitement was super-contagious and she couldn't decide on a pose because she was just surrounded by "absolutely CUTE fluffies!". She settled on this look and it's the most favourite photo we've had with a guest star <3

We apparently "made her morning!", got lots of pats, the longest group hug (which prompted the fans behind us to say "Now how do we top THAT?!"), and she asked the photographer for a copy because her kids "love fluffy creatures" and she wanted to show off "mommy's photo with three of the cutest Australian fluffies!". She asked our names (Sherlot the Otter, Chellios Coyote and Reuel Lionel Albridge the Felidragon) and was just so bouncy and happy afterwards. Her minders and the photography staff were all grinning like idiots for some time afterwards.

Collecting the photo from the wall our friend Toby, who has worked at OZCC/Supanova since the very start of both cons in Adelaide, was telling us "She's put this on all her fanpages, she literally can't stop smiling and talking about her photo with you guys! You seriously made her YEAR =D"

Best. 11AM. photo session. EVER X3

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