DSF ORIGINS: Much-needed time-out by Sadalsuud-Staridae

DSF ORIGINS: Much-needed time-out


31 March 2017 at 05:32:46 MDT

VJ and Fluffy spend a day off in one of the streetwalk cafes of the capital - VJ enjoying a to-go cup of chai latte and the antics of her friends on ArchRealm via her phone and in Fluffy's case, his favourite choc-chunk cookie (omnomnom :9)

With autumn in fulll-swing and winter soon to follow, VJ's attire becomes less colourful and stand-outish, and instead leans towards neutral-coloured velvet sweaters and jeans. Whilst Valanciana City central doesn't get much in the way of snow, the oceanic realm around the Archipelago still blows in the icy southern winds from the arctic circle and from the highest peaks of Skyland Central, lowering the temperature gauge closer to the lower end of the scale (10 degrees during the day, down to -5 degrees at night). Fluffy to that end winds up sleeping under blankets as his heavier winter coat takes a number of weeks to grow in properly.

In this image, he's around the starting way through growing his winter coat and is wearing his ident-collar with its tracking beacon. Whilst VJ- and to that end most of the surrounding populace- trust Fluffy not to run about without his mistress by his side, it's more akin to the fact that during his growth period Fluffy is more susceptible to being startled by loud noises. The collar is a precaution as Fluffy's attention span is somewhat stunted during this seasonal change.

VJ is not really a caffeine-consumer along the lines of coffee/tea stimulants. Her 'treat' is a vanilla chai latte maybe once or twice during her winter duties. Hot chocolate is her preferred wintertime beverage and she tends to like hers bittersweet.

"Dairy Bros.!" is a hangout cafe for most of the DSF/DZT Elite, as well as most of the marina workers and shopkeepers. Whilst it's not VJ's favourite place (that's actually Little Italos, a pizza parlour in the western edge of the city), it's Fluffy's due to their oversized choc-chunk cookies, and VJ will make a day out there for her beloved Dutchie. Getting a seat inside the warmth in the colder months however is a difficult process, hence her being outside and checking her phone whilst Fluffy munches on his cookie treat.

Trying to focus on sketching more fullsize, detailed images and places in Valanciana City.
I've got to draw the Archipelago map at some point, too...

Velindra-Jay Hedgehog & Fluffy the Dutch Angel Dragon belong to Victoria S. Rodda, 1991 - 2017
Dutch Angel Dragons © Deanna Biesemeyer (Ino89777)

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