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Moving! by sad



Unfortunately I've had some major issues with Weasyl for awhile but admins changing my birth date without permission to some random birthday and removing my art for nipples despite the fact Ive posted the same exact content with nipples poorly removed from the art with no issues. Meanwhile art with self harm and "male" nipples can stay in general lol. I suppose they're minor things, probably silly to some, but still enough to bother me, and I don't see any resolution happening. It's kind of sad for me, I've been using the site for nearly three years and it's been a mighty lovely time but I feel it's time to move on to other websites. Thank you to my 393 followers I appreciate all the support over the years I've gotten from you!

Over time I will be removing my art work and journals and such. I'd still like to keep the account, in case things every change though who knows perhaps they'll take it from me :p
Also I just realized I spelled 'elsewhere' wrong ¯_(ツ)_/¯ My stupid ass

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    sorry to hear it but seems about standard treatment for artists unfortunately :[

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      Yeah I understand in some ways I just have too many conflicts with the website to continue using it properly - I'd prefer to go to other websites where I feel more free to grow and express myself is all.

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        yeah. i'm just sad the weasyl mods feel the need to be so hands-on

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    Sorry to hear about the problems but its understandable issues, there's some old artworks I swore I uploaded here that disappeared with me not being notified. I've followed you on Tumblr.

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      Oh no, sorry to hear about that... doesn't seem right to me :< Thank you for following me on tumblr though!! I appreciate it a lot.

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    I will miss you and your lovely art tremendously! Good luck with your other sites. :)

    I left FA 2 years ago because I was being harassed and no one would do a thing about it, so I've sworn never to return to that site. But other than, I don't frequent any other sites................

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    Aww...I'll gladly wait for new pieces on tumblr!